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06 Dec 2021

Innovation is core at Vinventions, both through its range of closures and its enological tools and services. The PolyScan, a decision-making tool of the WQS product line, developed by Vinventions’ Enology team, has just been recognized again for its innovative character.

“This patent, which involves successive validations by experts and scientists on the applications covered, is a high recognition of the innovative nature of this tool.It covers a very wide field of applications in enology, including the prediction of the oxidability of a wine or a grape must, for predicting the optimal total oxygen supply on musts and wines for conservation and ageing, and finally the selection of closures for the conservation of bottled wines”, says Stéphane Vidal, Head of Innovation at Vinventions.


Additionally two awards were received this year for the Tendency of Evolution Test, available in the PolyScan, to predict the wine sensitivity to oxidation. Resulting from an ambitious research project, part of which was carried out in collaboration with the IFV (French Institute of Vine and Wine) and financed by the Occitanie Region, this test obtained the Trophy of Wine Innovation in Provence, for the first edition of this competition organized by the Provence Rosé Cluster, in the Wine Process Category. PolyScan also received a nomination at the SITEVI Innovation Awards 2021, a worldwide recognized competition that rewards innovations in the wine industry.

This test assesses whether a wine is at risk of developing signs of oxidation after contact with oxygen. This analysis therefore provides a valuable decision-making aid to winemakers to reinforce their choice of wine ageing, conservation and closures.

Christine Pascal Lagarde
General Manager WQS & Enological Research Manager at Vinventions

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