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Vintop Wine guarantees quality and consistency of your wine with a range of liners for a precise airtight seal. Whether for a last-minute supply of standard colors or a completely new and personalized packaging project, Vinventions strive to meet all the requirements of wine producers thanks to our long-standing expertise.

Main features


For a quick and convenient solution, VINTOP offers 3 frequently used colors available in stock at all time and ready for shipping : Black │ White │ Silver.


If you look for short lead time and customization, choose between our 9 standard colors available in stock at all and ready to be decorated at your convenience.


To make your bottle stand out from the crowd and express your brand identity with no limit, let us create a unique project using a combination of our decoration techniques.

Famille Ravoire: Oxygen Management at the Heart of Quality Initiatives

29 Aug 2018