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Vinventions’ extensive research and cellar audits emphasize the significance of bottle headspace in managing oxygen during bottling. Despite its small volume, headspace contains 65% of TPO (Total package oxygen), leading to rapid loss of free SO2 and wine evolution. Ensuring effective headspace inerting is vital for preserving wine quality and shelf-life, especially with screw caps, where headspace is 2 to 3 times larger than cylindrical closures.

Main features

While current systems only reach 8 – 10% oxygen levels in headspace, Nomaline offers superior inerting performance through a vortex-based model eliminating air, to reach HSO as low as 5%.

The system allows precise regulation of inerting levels in both the bottle neck and screw cap, using separate settings for each route

Unlike continuous gas distribution systems, NomaLine HS 6000 injects inert gas only when the bottle is detected, significantly lowering gas usage

The system can be adjusted to most current bottling lines up to speeds of 6,000 bottles/hour and efficiently modernizes existing systems lacking inerting, reducing premature oxidation risk and optimizing wine shelf-life.