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your dedicated partner in closures solutions and enological decision-making tools and services.


A unique range of innovative wine closures combining the most advanced sustainability options with unrivaled enological performances

The world’s first polyurethane-free and taint-free micro-natural closure

Innovative screwcap solutions for wine, spirits, olive oil and vinegar

A unique offer of decision-making tools and customized services dedicated to winemakers.
With a wide range of options including synthetic closures, micro-natural corks, screw caps, and more, we offer solutions to meet all your needs. Our team is dedicated to providing efficient service and support to all our clients, from small boutique wineries to large commercial operations.
Our MissionOur Mission
Bottling Management: Impact, Verification, and Securing of Headspace Oxygen Levels

01 Mar 2024
Nomacorc Green Line confirms Net Zero Carbon Footprint

02 Oct 2023
Vinventions takes a leap forward in sustainability with the release of its 2022 CSR Report

04 Jul 2023