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Nomasense optical fibers come in several models, suited for diverse purposes: short optical fiber, long optical fiber, and optical fiber for sight glasses. Each has been designed to cater to specific needs while ensuring uniform connectivity with the oxygen analyzer.

Main features

At a length of 5 centimeters, the stainless steel short optical fiber is included with the purchase of a Nomasense O2. It is especially suitable for bottles equipped with oxygen sensors for non-destructive measurements during bottling.

Measuring 2.5 meters, the long optical fiber is flexible and designed for easy access to less accessible areas. It is particularly useful for measurements on sensors positioned in syringes, such as when using the Piercing System.

This unique optical fiber comes with a device allowing it to be directly screwed onto a scratch attached to the sight glass. This ensures the fiber remains perfectly aligned with the sensor during measurement, avoiding any risk of deviation.