Since its inception, Sustainability has been an important part of Vinventions’ core beliefs: It is one of our Guiding Principles that influences our key decisions as a business.

Even from our early beginning with the creation of Nomacorc closures, our purpose has always been to protect wine—protect it from faults and outside influences that cause unwanted defects (like cork taint, oxidation and reduction), and ensure that the wines are delivered as the winemakers intend. Over the past 20 years, we have expanded that original purpose, now protecting every seventh bottle of wine worldwide with our House of 7 Brands offerings by Vinventions.


sustainability is key in Vinventions’ culture

Building a Sustainable Future

To achieve this purpose long-term, we understand the importance of caring not just for the vineyards and fruit each harvest, but also the people who tend to them and the environments around them. This is why Vinventions invests in Sustainability. We believe we have a social responsibility as a company to ensure the abundance of resources remain so future generations of farmers and winemakers may continue to benefit as we do today.

Vinventions’ commitment to our own sustainability and reducing our impact on nature is evident in our corporate vision to ultimately achieve carbon neutrality on a company-wide basis. Our ongoing dedication to this goal can be seen with new innovations across our product ranges. For example, the Nomacorc Green Line’s patented formulation includes sugarcane plant-based polymers, a 100% renewable raw material source, which helps absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and reduce carbon emissions, in turn helping to combat climate change. Another important milestone for sustainability is Ohlinger SÜBR, which utilizes natural cork and safe, clean and biodegradable materials as alternatives to polyurethane glue.

Beyond environmental conscientiousness, our dedication to creating a sustainable world is visible each day in our offices and facilities through our people and programs designed to reduce carbon footprint, waste and to recycle more, as well as the well-being and philanthropist activities of our associates.


Sustainability at Vinventions considers the triple bottom line: Planet, People, Profit. By investing in Sustainability, our goal is to not only improve our environmental impact, but also to support people, both associates and our communities, in their development and to generate long-term profit through implementing sustainable processes.

How we source our raw materials

Our commitment to the united nations sustainable development goals

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