The Revolution Begins

Meet the Micro-Natural Closure that is TCA-Free, Polyurethane-Free, Designed to be Recyclable & Provides Superior Performance

SÜBR is a revolutionary new class of wine closure that combines superior performance and recyclability. SÜBR offers the look and feel of a high-end natural cork, the superior performance of the Nomacorc Line of closures and eliminates the use of polyurethane glue. Billions of micro-agglomerated corks made annually have little chance to be recycled due to the use of polyurethane glue binders.

SÜBR’s patented food-grade, plant-based biodegradable binder material replaces conventional glue rendering SÜBR closures recyclable and eliminates potential migration of TDI polyurethane into wines.

SÜBR offers consistent, low oxygen ingress which is ideally suited for maintaining both the freshness and fruitiness of wine, provides bottle to bottle consistency and ensures superior cellar aging performance.


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