Our Recycling Program

Vinventions is committed to building a more sustainable environment, industry and company.

We only invest in efficient and environmentally friendly products, made from renewable, circular or biodegradable materials, which can be easily recycled and are superior in terms of  wine quality preservation.

Vinventions is a proud member of the Plastics Pact in the US and in Europe.  The Plastics Pacts unite frontrunner companies, governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations together in a common vision to rethink the way we design, use and reuse plastics and creates the path towards a circular economy for plastics.  The Pact’s ambitious goals are to ensure that plastics never become waste but instead are designed to be reused, recycled or composted; ultimately circulating and recirculating plastics in the economy and creating substantial and long-lasting change for the betterment of the planet.

To achieve our goals, we develop different recycling programs in our main markets.




Recycling services and recyclable items vary widely across the United States.  Wine closures are one of many small items that can fall through recycling belts and be deposited in landfills.   At Vinventions, we want to ensure that wine closures stay out of the landfills,  become part of the circular economy and are given a second life. Vinventions is pleased to offer our Cork Recycling Program for consumers, wineries and wine retailers.  The program includes:

  • In-home cork recycling bags for consumers.
  • Door clings to let customers know your business offers cork recycling.      
  • Freestanding Cork Recycling Center collection boxes for wineries and retailers and no-cost return shipping when the box is full.

Request Recycle Box, Return Shipping Label or Bag



Nomacorc closure are 100% recyclable. However, curbside collection and sortation capabilities vary drastically from county to county in the US, so we partnered with Total Wine & More along with Spec’s (Texas) to have collection boxes placed in all of their stores. This way, consumers have a place to drop their corks and ensure they get recycled. Also, several of our winery customers have recycling boxes in their tasting rooms. Reach out to your Vinventions Sales Rep if you are interested in getting a recycling box for your winery!

recycle-box-2021-seal (1)


Nomacorc closure are 100% recyclable. However, in France, there is no official channel to collect closures. Vinventions organizes its own private collection flow and works with several caritative associations such as France Cancer and also with the French wine shops Nicolas (500 shops).



In Italy, Vinventions partners with Eataly stores. You will find our collecting boxes in the stores located in the main Italian cities.

In addition, as required by Italian regulations, a recycling code could be printed on our closure. The recycling code of our closures can be consulted here. This will allow you to easily identify which recycling channel to use to recycle our closures.


What do we do with the collected closures?

The collected and recycled closures can be used in different applications. You will find examples below: