From the start, sustainability was a guiding principle for Nomacorc as it is important to our founders, associates and customers. Our sustainability journey continues today as we strive to improve all aspects of our business:

  • Optimized product development processes with reduced environmental impact
  • State-of-the-art lean manufacturing using renewable energy
  • Partnering with suppliers to ensure sustainably-harvested raw materials for our PlantCorc™ closures

Nomacorc Green Line's patented formulation includes sugarcane plant-based polymers; a 100% renewable raw material source. This helps absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and reduces carbon emissions, which in turn helps to combat climate change.



Our bio-based raw materials supplier, Braskem, sources 100% of its raw materials from suppliers in Brazil who do not use crop burning as a means to harvest sugarcane. This in turn means that 100% of the raw materials used in the production of our Nomacorc PlantCorcs also carries this guarantee. The sugarcane plants are also cultivated in an environmentally responsible way, sustainably sourced, taking great care to ensure that biodiversity is protected.

Furthermore, Braskem suppliers are externally audited by a recognized third party to ensure the suppliers adhere to this and other very important conditions.

With sustainability held firmly as one of our guiding principles at Vinventions, it is important to us that our processes—and those of our partners—reflect our commitment to these sustainable practices.


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