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Vinventions USA Makes Gift to Sonoma State University’s Wine Industry Scholars Program

Sonoma, California - Vinventions USA - a North Carolina-based privately-owned industrial management company, and parent company of Vinventions USA, LLC—announced Thursday, December 10th, an annual gift to Sonoma State University’s Wine Industry Scholars Program. “In lieu of holiday gifts, we wanted to support our industry and selected Sonoma State University’s (SSU) Wine Industry Scholars Program which provides grants to winery and vineyard workers’ children attending Sonoma State University. 2020 has been an extraordinary and challenging year for everyone and especially for college students and their families,” said Don Huffman, Director of Sales and Wine Quality, Vinventions USA. The scholarship program is designed to provide first-generation children from families of vineyard and winery workers access and support services through higher education and is used to offset tuition and other educational expenses associated with attending SSU. In addition to financial support, the program includes a summer transition program, academic and career advising, cohort-based classes, co-curricular programming as part of the Rodney Strong Pathways Program, and student work experience opportunities.
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Noël Group Invests in Customer Vineyard

Napa Valley, California - Noël Group--a North Carolina-based privately-owned industrial management company, and parent company of Vinventions USA, LLC—announced Tuesday, October 27th that it has invested in Customer Vineyard to support their aggressive growth and expansion initiatives. Noël Group was an early supporter of Customer Vineyard’s vision and this new investment demonstrates the increasingly critical role data plays within the beverage industry. Supporting Customer Vineyard is aligned with Noël Group’s mission of providing the resources and expertise to pursue promising new initiatives and create the means to cultivate and capitalize on inter-company synergies. 

News published in 2020

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2019 Wine Marketing Awards -- "Vinnie" Winners Announced

July 1, 2020 (SONOMA, CA) – Vinventions, the global leader of Wine Closure Solutions, in partnership with Wine Business Monthly, Sonoma State University and Cork Supply is pleased to announce the 2019 Wine Marketing Awards, aka Vinnie winners.  The Vinnies recognizes brands and companies bringing innovation, inspiration and ground-breaking ideas to the wine industry.  

News published in 2019

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Vinventions' 2nd Annual Wine Marketing Awards & Vinnies - Enter Now to Win!

November 12, 2019 (SONOMA, CA) – Last year, Vinventions, the leading provider of complete wine closure solutions worldwide, launched the Wine Marketing Awards & “The Vinnies” to recognize excellence in wine marketing.  Following the success of the 2018 event, the organization is proud to announce its continued partnership with Sonoma State University and Wine Business Monthly, along with Cork Supply USA, for the return of the Wine Marketing Awards in 2019. 
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Getting (Bottle) Closure in the Wine Industry

"We aspire to provide closures to the wine business that offer improved elements as they relate to performance, design or sustainability. What we’re really trying to do is provide closures that other companies can’t. We’re not trying to be a distributor of products that other companies also distribute." 
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Vinventions & Nomacorc founder Marc Noël nominated for Wine Enthusiast Wine Star 2019 Innovator of the Year

The founder of Nomacorc, Marc Noël has been an innovator and disrupter in the wine industry since 1999. That’s when he and his Belgian father, Gert Noël, launched a reliable synthetic wine closure that was free of cork taint and inexpensive. Now part of the company Vinventions, Nomacorc’s latest product range, Green Line, has taken wine closures to a new level of environmental sensitivity, as they’re made from sustainable, renewable sugarcane-based raw materials. Noël serves as founder and chairman of Vinventions, one of the world’s leading suppliers of wine closures. In 2018, Vinventions protected 2.8 billion bottles of wine with its closures. 
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"Building a Better Cork"

"Building a Better Cork" has always been a driving force behind Vinventions, let's go deep into the journey of what has made our company, from the creation of Nomacorc in the 90s to the innovation of sustainable closures.
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Vinventions Revolutionizes Recycling: Giving Corks “Endless Circles of Life” as New Closures

Thimister, Belgium and Zebulon, NC, USA (January 25, 2019)
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Wine Enthusiast Magazine: Marc Noël on Creating Nomacorc

Vinventions and Nomacorc founder, Marc Noël, sat down for a Q&A with Sean Sullivan of Wine Enthusiast to talk about wine closures, solving the issue of cork taint, and what's ahead for the company and innovation in closure sustainability.

News published in 2018

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Nomacorc Reserva Closures and High-End Wines: An Ideal Match for Consumers

TOP WINE CLOSURE SOLUTIONS PROVIDER, VINVENTIONS, LAUNCHES A STUDY TO UNDERSTAND THE CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN NOMACORC RESERVA & HIGH-END WINES IN CONSUMERS’ MINDS ZEBULON, NC, USA, and THIMISTER, Belgium (Dec. 4, 2018) — Vinventions, the most comprehensive wine closure solutions provider worldwide, has conducted highly innovative and leading-edge consumer research to test in an unbiased manner consumers’ perceptions of its Nomacorc PlantCorc™ closures. The sole objective of the research was to help answer the question, “To what extent does such a closure conform to the qualities of high-end wines?” Alternative closures are often framed as being far less appreciated than natural corks, but is that really true? 
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Vinventions Fully Embraces the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

– Leading wine closure solutions provider commits to Circular Economy –
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Vinventions Awarded Prestigious Red Dot Design Award for New Corporate Design

At Vinventions, we aspire for excellence because only in that manner we can offer the very best to our customers. We drive innovation harder and faster so that the wine industry and consumers can benefit from our more sustainable high-performance closures that already protect billions of bottles worldwide today. We embrace and believe in all wine closure types because there is not one perfect wine closure, but there are perfect closures based on our customers specific needs.
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Vinventions Founder Marc Noël nominated for 2018 Innovator of the Year Award

Vinventions and Nomacorc founder Marc Noël continues his legacy of disrupting the wine world with consistent out-of-the-box vision. Noël founded Nomacorc in 1999 to provide an efficiently produced, low-cost wine cork alternative at a time when natural wood corks were beset by TCA-taint. Among recent innovations for the company are Select Green, the first wine closure with zero carbon footprint, made from sugarcane, and SUBR, the world's first glue-free micro-agglomerated cork. Since January 2015, Nomacorc, Ohlinger Group and Syntek have joined Vinventions, and the company has created strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Cork Supply, a natural cork supplier.
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Sustainability is a "Competitive Necessity," Vinventions' CEO Tells Drinks Business

In an interview with the Drinks Business, Dr. Heino Freudenberg, CEO of Vinventions, explained why sustainability is a “competitive necessity” for wineries as it eyes up the “huge” mass-market potential of the first glue-free plant-based closure to hit the market.