Placing an Order

For all Nomacorc closures, except the Reserva line, a custom print order requires a lead time of 10 business days. Lead time is the time from when the artwork and order are confirmed to shipment. Reserva closures have a 15-20 business day lead time. 

For small orders, Vinventions USA utilizes Fedex for most shipments. The map provided here can be used to estimate shipment time, and any of our customer success representatives would be happy to provide you with specifics for your location.


For your convenience, you can find various Nomacorc unbranded closures on Amazon. For larger orders or customized artwork, you can place an order easily using via the Contact Us form. 



Nomacorc Green Line

Plantcorc™ Technology is the proprietary approach to how we produce Nomacorc Green Line products, including Reserva, Select Green, Classic Green and Smart Green.

It is the platform for all Nomacorc Green Line products derived from sustainable, renewable sugarcanebased raw materials.


Vinventions has engineered one of the best closure solutions for sustainable wineries. Nomacorc’s proprietary PlantCorc™ technology provides an environmentally-friendly closure, superior performance and enhanced oxygen control. Premium features include:


Polyethylene is conventionally produced from fossil raw materials such as oil or natural gas, and is found in many everyday products: food packaging, cosmetics, beverages, bags, among others.

Biopolymers used for Nomacorc Green Line are made from a renewable raw material: ethanol from Brazilian sugarcane. This material exhibits the same characteristics as the petrochemical polyethylene, in application, performance, and especially recycling.

Our bio-based raw materials supplier, Braskem, sources 100% of its raw materials from suppliers in Brazil who do not use crop burning as a means to harvest sugarcane. This in turn means that 100% of the raw materials used in the production of Nomacorc Green Line also carries this guarantee. The sugarcane plants are also cultivated in an environmentally responsible way, sustainably sourced, taking great care to ensure that biodiversity is protected. Furthermore, Braskem suppliers are externally audited by a recognized third party to ensure the suppliers adhere to this and other very important conditions.

For more information please visit Braskem’s website: www.braskem.com.br

Nomacorc Green Line products have been tested and certified by an outside lab for their bio-based contents. This work was done by an institute called TÜV Austria who can measure the amount of bio-based contents in the closure. 
It is very easy to prove that our products are made from biogenic carbon: this can be assessed by analyzing the carbon 14 content of our closures (carbon dating) and this is done by our “TÜV Austria” stars certification.

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We have completed a life cycle analysis (LCA) study for Select Green with an outside consultant to show proof of zero carbon footprint. The Executive Summary of this study is available on demand.

No, they are not biodegradable or compostable. Nomacorc Green Line closures are products based on biopolymers, even though these polymers are plant-based, the material is recyclable and in fact can be recycled normally using the processes in use today. Since the raw material is not biodegradable, the CO2 captured during the sugarcane cultivation process (from sugarcane growth until its production) remains sequestered during the plastic's entire life cycle.

To recycle our closures, please refer to the current rules on the plastic recycling processes in your own country.


These biopolymers are derived from sugar cane which grows by consuming CO2 from the atmosphere. The carbon which is bound from the atmosphere is passed through to the resulting biopolymer and as such they come with a negative carbon footprint. Hence, when incorporated into Nomacorc’s product formulation, they completely offset any positive emissions originating from other raw materials and shipping activities. Since these biopolymers represent a majority in our product formulation, we even compensate the shipping of our closures to our customer. In other words, it leaves carbon negative from our premises to arrive at a zero carbon footprint at our customers. This is what is meant by “zero carbon footprint from cradle-to-customer-to-gate.”


Reserva and Select Green are assigned to class 3 (= 3 stars) bio-based rating, which means the bio-based carbon content of the product is between 60% and 80%. The exact number can vary based on formulation differences between products but also based on dimensional tolerances, such as density, length, and diameter). All our Select Green products (100/300/500) have 3 stars. Classic Green has 2 stars with 40-60 % bio-based content and Smart Green has 1 star with 20-40 % renewable content.